Maybe you're looking for a waterproof dyneema fanny pack for your paddleboarding adventures. 

Or a nearly bulletproof lightweight climbing backpack that you take to the harshest conditions high in the mountains.

Or maybe you have a question about any of my creations or you just want a nerdy chat about materials and features.

Feel free to reach out and tell me about your dream piece of gear!

But first, please let me answer some frequently asked questions I get on a daily basis:

- Everything is sold out, how can I place order? 

Please sign up for my newsletter or check my Instagram posts, I will announce there when the website will be up and taking orders again. Usually it’s between 4-6 weeks since my previous launch. I make everything by myself, so there's a limited amount that I'm able to make at one time.

- What if I want a customization not listed on the product page?

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss the possibility.

- What if I want a one-off, fully custom backpack?

Please reach out for a full custom project possibility.

Do you still make admin panels or Daypacks? How can I get one?

Due to the current work load and future plans, I've decided to stop making those.