About & Materials

Hi, my name is Filip and I make custom backpacks and other gear.

I started out by making a backpack I always wanted, but soon people were reaching out to me to build a backpack they always wanted. 

As a one man operation I personally make every item that leaves my tiny workshop with attention to every single detail and stitch. Therefore, everything I make is a one of a kind or made in small batches.



My main focus is on minimalism and light weight. But my true passion is in finding a perfect balance between that and a certain level of complexity and organization. Yes, I don't like carrying extra weight on my back, but I also want quick access to the content and some organization. I believe every backpack and every piece of gear should be simple, straightforward and easy to use, with an efficient and well thought design, without a need of an instruction manual because of all the very specific features and hidden compartments that you probably won't use anyway.

For me, it's also essential for a backpack to stand on it's own, no matter if it's full or almost empty. My goal isn't really to make as simple and lightweight gear as possible, but to strip it down to what's essential to maintain a perfect balance between good access, carrying ability, weight and sleek and clean look. 



I work with technical fabrics that are considered to be the best out there. Ecopak, X-Pac and Dyneema fabrics are all laminates that offer better protection, lighter weight and last longer than traditional coated fabrics. They're a little louder, stiffer but soften with use.



Lightweight, durable and highly water resistant.

X-Pac is a brand of Dimension-Polyant, the world leader in manufacturing advanced, high-quality sailcloth. Remarkably durable with an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and 100% waterproof. X-Pac fabrics are designed to perform, no matter what you encounter. It's well established fabric that comes in several different types:

VX07 - 4 layer laminate with 70D ripstop nylon face, x-ply fiber reinforcement, waterproof film and white 50D backing. For ultralight applications.

VX21 - 4 layer laminate with 210D ripstop nylon face, x-ply fiber reinforcement, waterproof film and white 50D backing. The most versatile fabric.

VX42 - 4 layer laminate with 420D ripstop nylon face, x-ply fiber reinforcement, waterproof film and white 50D backing. More durable than VX21 but also about 50% heavier.

X50 - 3 layer laminate with 500D ripstop nylon face, x-ply fiber reinforcement and transparent waterproof film. Robust, tough cordura 500D that is well known for decades for its durability laminated to characteristic x-ply and waterproof film. Classic cordura with a modern, waterproof twist. 

RVX25 - 4 layer laminate with 250D polyester face, x-ply fiber reinforcement, waterproof film and 50D polyester backing. Fabric that offers high visibility. 

UVX40 - designed to create the ultimate tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, waterproof fabric for applications where top performance is essential and structural failure is not an option; 40% Ultra-PE/60% polyester ripstop sailcloth face fabric, x-ply fiber reinforcement, waterproof film and 50D backing.

Liteskin LS21/LS42 -  210D or 420D nylon on the back-side laminated with non-woven resin face enhanced with a top-coating for the perfect combination of light weight and long-lasting abrasion-resistance.

Currently available colors of X-Pac: X50 in Black, Multicam Black and Multicam Tropic, X33 Multicam, X51 Marigold, UVX40 both White and Silver, VX42 Black and VX21 in Black, White, Yellow, Red, Teal, Bahama Blue, Navy, Deep green, Purple, Bamboo, Coyote, Slate grey and Coral

You can find more info, all styles and colors at https://www.x-pac.com/

VX21 and VX42 are the most versatile, depending whether you want to keep the weight low or you seek extra abrasion resistance. X50 has a more classic look, it's heavier, UVX40 offers the best performance.



Ultra lightweight, durable and waterproof.

Dyneeema Composite Fabric is a patented, ultra-lightweight fabric made of flexible non-woven composite laminates which are reinforced with Dyneema fibers (UHMWPE). Dyneema is 15x stronger than steel and the fabric provides higher tear and tensile strength than most competing fabrics on a weight-by-weight and thickness basis. Used for projects that demand high-performance and ultra-lightweight, waterproof fabric.

DCF is a 2-layer laminate material using DCF for the inner layer and polyester plain-weave face fabric. The polyester face fabric adds strength and makes the material look more like a traditional woven fabric. This fabric is light without compromising on strength and durability. 

While dyneema is very tough and strong fabric, the polyester face fabric doesn't offer outstanding abrasion resistance compared to other fabrics. It also developes an interesting patina caused by creases and crinkles in the fabric, some minor delamination and dyneema layer shrinkage. Some people don't like dyneema fabric for that, others love it. 

2.92 oz - dyneema layer laminated to 50D polyester face fabric. Perfect use for pouches and other smaller stuff or super-lightweight pack. 

5.0 oz - dyneema layer laminated to 150D polyester face fabric. More abrasion resistant, but also heavier than 2.92 dyneema. Used for packs, robust pouches or any other gear. This fabric is very popular for it's luxurious look and feel. 

Dyneema is also well aware of the climate change and currently developes a bio-based dyneema alternative. I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet but it's exciting news and I can't wait to try it out. 



Ecopak is fabric developed by Challenge sailcloth that was recently launched as a direct competitor to X-Pac (and also Dyneema), but made completely out of recycled material. 

According to their website, Ecopak fabric lasts longer, absorbs 80% less moisture, and has better UV resistance and color retention than traditional laminated nylon. A yard of Ecopak saves over 1 pound of CO2 compared to xpac and other nylon fabrics and the production consumes less water.

Ecopak performs the same as X-Pac and the look, touch and weight are also very similar. Put simply, Ecopak is a recycled and environmentally friendly alternative to X-pac. The only visual difference is square grid instead of diamonds. After working with X-Pac and Ecopak back to back for months, I can say X-Pac is a little stiffer than Ecopak with the same weight.

For now, I offer following types:

EPX200 equivalent to VX21 - 200D polyester face with square x-ply and 70D white polyester backing

EPX400 equivalent to VX42 - 400D polyester face with square x-ply and 70D white polyester backing

Ultra100 - 100D UHMWPE and polyester blend with waterproof film backing

Ultra200 - 200D UHMWPE and polyester blend with waterproof film backing

Ultra400 - 400D UHMWPE and polyester blend with waterproof film backing

Ultra800 - 800D UHMWPE and polyester blend with waterproof film backing

Ecopak Ultra is a blend of polyester and UHMWPE fibers. Compared to 2.92 oz and 5.0 oz Dyneema, Ultra fabrics are way more durable, yet very similar in weight. The key is both fiber materials are woven together in one layer. It results in a higher UHMWPE content and higher denier at the same weight (200D instead of 50D and 400D instead of 150D), and therefore higher tear strength and abrasion resistance. While dyneema fibers are super strong, the downside is the polyester face is not that durable. When woven together, Ecopak Ultra line offers a very durable, waterproof and lightweight fabric. The soft finish and cool look is an added bonus.

Current colors of Ecopak and Ecopak Ultra available:

EPX200 Black, Teal, Golden Dazy (yellow), Green Mountain, Ocean Blue, Silver Bullet, Brick Red

EPX400 Black

Ultra100 Grey, Ultra200 Black, Ultra400 Black, White, Ultra800 Black

I recently acquired some Ultra200TX and Ultra400TX and these two fabrics became my favorite ones right away. 'T' stands for tafetta (= white ripstop backing) and 'X' stands for x-ply. It brings the best of the two worlds together - outstanding abrasion resistance thanks to the UHMWPE face fabric, better stitch holding, longevity and good visibility thanks to the white backing, and better strength and technical look thanks to the square x-ply.

You can find more info, all styles and colors at https://www.challenge-outdoor.com/epx-collection

If you're interested more in comparing Ecopak to X-Pac and Dyneema, you can find a good article at thetrek.co.


Other materials

I don't make compromises, it's simply not worth it. I work with the best materials possible and pay attention to the smallest detail. Metal hardware, YKK zippers, Fidlock magnetic buckles, Cobra buckles, YKK, Duraflex, ITW Nexus, Wetool, Woojin.