About me

My name is Filip and I make custom backpacks and other gear.

I started out by making a backpack I always wanted and soon people were reaching out to me to build a backpack they always wanted. I made my first backpack in 2018 but I really got into making gear in 2020.

As a one man operation I personally make every item that leaves my workshop with attention to every single detail and stitch. Therefore, everything I make is a one of a kind. 

Design focus

My main focus is on minimalism and light weight. But my true passion is in finding a perfect balance between that and a certain level of complexity and organization. Yes, I don't like carrying extra weight on my back, but I also want quick access to the content and some organization. I believe every backpack and every piece of gear should be simple, straightforward and easy to use, with an efficient and well thought design, without a need of an instruction manual because of all the very specific features and hidden compartments that you probably won't use anyway.

For me, it's also essential for a backpack to stand on it's own, no matter if it's full or almost empty. My goal isn't really to make as simple and lightweight gear as possible, but to strip it down to what's essential to maintain a perfect balance between good access, comfort and carrying ability, weight and sleek and clean look.