About me:

My name is Filip, and I create custom backpacks and other gear. I started by making a backpack that I always wanted, and soon people were reaching out to me to build a backpack they had always desired. I made my first backpack in 2018, but I got fully into making gear in 2020.

As a one-man operation, I carefully craft each item in my workshop, ensuring that every detail and stitch receives my full attention, resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

My primary focus is on minimalism and lightweight, but my true passion lies in finding a perfect balance between that and a certain level of complexity and organization. I aim to ensure that every backpack and piece of gear is simple, straightforward to use, and efficiently designed, without the need for an instruction manual due to very specific features and hidden compartments that may not be used.

It is also essential for a backpack to stand on its own, whether full or almost empty. My goal isn't simply to create the simplest and lightest gear possible, but rather to strip it down to the essential elements while maintaining a perfect balance between good access, comfort and carrying ability, weight, and a sleek and clean look.