Packing cube

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 A simple, lightweight but durable packing cube to keep you organized on your travels. Save some weight, travel more efficiently and leave no empty space.

Made with durable yet lightweight fabric, clamshell opening, simple handle and loops for easier work with the zipper.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 26x16x14 cm


- Ultra200 black with #5 Aquaguard zipper

- Ultragrid black with #5 reverse coil zipper

- Ultragrid blue with #5 reverse coil zipper

- Ultragrid lime green with #5 reverse coil zipper

- Ultragrid orange with #5 reverse coil zipper

This packing cube fits perfectly inside the Daypack, Hiker or Traveller. 

* Made to order. This is a hand-made item and may have slight variations. 

Ships mid September.